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Different Callers from Different Numbers

We listed the common reported phone number for the month of September, and they are as follows:


One of the report that says, "I get called from this number on a daily basis. I never answer & a message is never given.".

To find out detailed report about these numbers, please refer to

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Android Problem Adding Email Account: Server connection error

To solve this problem we need to Add new Google account first
then we can now add new Email account.

NOTE: This tutorial is specifically meant for adding Gmail account ONLY.


Other email provider like yahoo, Hotmail, etc., cannot solve the same problem with this kind of method that we are going to follow.

1st FIRST: Add Google Account

Go to Settings Accounts & sync

 Add account

Choose Google

Draw the unlock pattern

Type your Email or Phone
then tap NEXT

Input your Password
then tap NEXT

tap ACCEPT button below


Set up payment info
To make the setup faster,
just hit No thanks on the choices
then tap CONTINUE at the bottom.

Once done, you will be directed to Account & sync window

There are two ways to add email account.

1. By adding email at Account & sync
2. By adding email at Email app

I encountered error when adding email account using the first method (Account & sync) even after I already added the Google account.

So the best way to add the …

Android Different Ways in Accesing Settings

The obvious way to get into SETTINGS is to find it in the menus

But if you're in a hurry, you can do this shortcut.
Assuming that you can't find the SETTINGS, drag your finger from top to bottom of the screen.

And something like this will pop-up.
Finally click the gear ⚙ icon

NOTES: The images/screenshots I used in this example is from Oppo F1s with Android version 5.1

OneNote Files Deleted After Logout

My Oppo F1s A1601 doesn't have the old NOTES feature of Oppo Joy R1001.

That's why I came to Google Play to find a replacement and I choose Microsoft Office OneNote because of the Developer's credibility.

Main feature of this app is COLLABORATE WITH ANYONE, that means you can share your note with anyone you want and you can access your note from any device.

But I felt betrayed when I logged out on my account.
The moment I login again, my note was empty.

I don't know if it's because I didn't sync my note.
But still, they must have a copy of it on the original device where I created the notes.

I'm still trying to find ways on how to recover them and will keep you posted.
If you encounter this incident and already have solution for this, please help by commenting below.

Oppo Joy R1001 Review

What's good about Oppo Joy?Cheap but worthy Introductory price P5,990 ($136) With its features, the price above is too cheapBuilt in Beautify for Camera
This Beautify feature allows you to enhance your skin tone  for you to look younger and flawless. No need to download an app like Camera60 to achieve the effect. Multitasking You can do other things like (FB, browsing, send SMS/MMS, etc.) while you're watching on the minimized default video player. 

What's NOT good about oppo joy?Although this phone has a Beautify on Camera, the bad side is that the flash is always ON instead of flashing ONLY as the camera capture button was pressed.

How to Delete Extra Homescreen Page on Android Jelly Bean

First, go to phone's home.

Tap / Touch the MENU button.

Slide your finger sideways on the screen and find the page
that you're about to delete.

Once you're on the selected page.

Tap / Touch the X button at the upper right corner

tsu - Get Paid To Post

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