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Why Samsung Galaxy Pocket's battery drain so fast?

Here are some tips to conserve your Samsung Galaxy Pocket's battery

1. As you noticed, if you are using your Google Maps Application or any other Maps Application, your Android Phone's battery drain so fast. It is because the GPS that makes it possible for your Maps Application to work accurately requires more battery. And even if your Maps Application is not running, once the GPS is ON, the battery still draining more than the normal.

So Turn On your GPS only when needed or when you are using the Maps Application.

2. Unchecked your "Background data" under
Settings - > Accounts and snyc -> Background data

If you did so, you will see a popup

What is Background data?
 It allows the applications to sync, send, and receive data at any time. Therefore, disabling the Background data will reduce the use of battery.

3. Turn On your WiFi only when needed.
All applications installed on your Samsung Galaxy Pocket thathave a privilege to sync on your phone may send an updates o…

Update your Samsung Galaxy Pocket's Google Map

The latest Google Map for android phone as of today is version 6.12

here is the logo of version  6.12

As a default, your Samsung Galaxy Pocket has already a built in application for map which is google maps version 6.9.2

and here is the logo of version  6.9.2

You can download the latest version at

I couldn't get the right keywords for this new version to appear on google play search list

so go directly here

or you can open your existing google maps
click the

option key -> More -> Settings -> What's New

then you will be directed to the google play with latest version of maps, then click the "Install"

How long does it take to completely charge Samsung Galaxy Pocket?

It is not indicated on a "quick start guide" of GT-S5300 on how long does it takes to completely charge the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. I also visited the for the full manual of this unit but it is not yet appears on the list.

The "Travel Adapter" ( the charger ) doesn't have an indicator too.

You can check your phone screen to know if it is still in charging state.
If it is, you will see a lightning sign inside a battery image.

You will here a tone once the charging is completed.

As I've observed, it takes to 3 HOURS for the Samsung Galaxy Pocket to be completely charge (if totally drained when charged).

Firefox Browser for your Samsung Galaxy Pocket

If you want to install Firefox on your Galaxy Pocket, the first thing that comes to your mind is to go to the PLAY STORE Application that is installed on your phone, type the word Mozilla or Firefox or both on the search box then you will see the Firefox logo. But once you opened it, you will see an information saying Your device isn't compatible with this version.

Another option for  you to install a firefox browser is through here

Open any of your existing browser on your phone.

go to this link

and at the bottom, you will see the box for Mobile

click the download icon for

Android (ARMv6)
21MB | apk

or you can access this link to be directed on the download link

after the download has been completed,
go to your My files -> download

click the

then click install, and wait until inst…