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Print screen for mobile

Do you want to take a screenshots of your phone's screen?
It's easy using the application Screenshot by Kastor Soft

DOWNLOAD Screenshot

take note that Only ROOTED phones are supported.
(this app will works on Samsung Galaxy Pocket)

What does rooted phone mean? It means gaining full access to your Android’s file system and control it as an administrator.  Just like on your computer you have administrator account and other accounts with less privileges. Rooting a phone means gaining access to administrator account. The application can do all stuff which requires administrator privileges.

How to useScreenshot by Kastor Soft? To capture the screen of your phone,
go to this app first.

You have an option to
shake your phone to take a screenshot.

check the box for Show notifications when screenshot is successful
so you know when the capture has been made.

then exit this app in any way and go to the place on your phone where you want to capture.

Shake your phone for 3 seconds.

Free internet using SMART

Smart Communications is now introducing SmartNet Application that allows users to access their facebook and twitter account for FREE. Yes it's all free.

This application currently supports SMART subscribers only. Non-SMART subscribers may visit on the web or for mobile.

To begin with, first you must have SmartNet Application on your phone.
I suggest that you use the WiFi connection to download this app easily.


The logo of SmartNet

Once you open this app for the first time,
you will see that the Chat, Social, Alerts, Servicesand Settings are in colored gray and there's nothing happens when you tap it. This means that all those items are not yet available.

For those items to work, you need to Sign in first.
Probably, this will be your first sign-in so you need to register.

You must be a SMART subscriber for you to receive the verification SMS that they will send on your SMART SIM to be able to use this service.

Once you logged int…

How to stop losing your prepaid load when you are surfing on the internet?

If you are using a prepaid SIM card and you have a regular load, and you want to surf on the internet using the WiFi connection, most probably, your load balance will be lessen if your mobile data  network is enabled.

To check the current settings of your data networks,

go to your Settings

then tap Wireless and networks

then tap Mobile networks

if the Use packet data is checked,
this means that you can use your mobile data network to connect to the internet.

To prevent losing your SIM prepaid load while surfing using the WiFi connection, unchecked the Use packet data.

enabled this only if you are registered to your network provider promo for internet surfing, or if you really want to use your SIM prepaid load to surf on the internet.

Google Map notification message: Please enable a My Location source in system settings.

If you open your Google Map
and you are trying to tap the My Location.

But then, you are seeing this information.
Please enable a My Location source in system settings.
And you don't know where to configure that settings. It's simple.
Go to your Settings then

tap the Location and security

tap the Use wireless networks

and last, tap the Agree.

if you don't have a WiFi connection,
you can't still see your My Location
and you will see this notification

another option you can use is your GPS
check the Use GPS satellites
Now, go back to the Google Map application to check if it is now working.

Why Samsung Galaxy Pocket screen is hard to swipe

Are you experiencing this problem?
Do you know why this is happening?

I've experienced this problem a day ago. Every time my phone sleeps and I need to unlock it, I'm having a hard time to find the right position on the screen and the exact pressure I need to give to swipe my finger on it.

I asked myself, what is the last thing I did on my phone before this problem exist? As I remember, I installed this kind of software. So, to fix it, I uninstalled that software. But the problem is still there.

The last option I made is to format my phone. 

To format your Samsung Galaxy Pocket, go to your Settings

then Privacy

Check the box to Format USB storage

 then tap Reset phone

tap the Factory data reset

then tap Erase everything

After that follow the next instructions you will encounter once your phone is already formatted.
Then your  Samsung Galaxy Pocket screen will now back to it's normal function.
I guess, my phone got a virus from anywhere else  that's why formatting it …