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Free internet using SMART

Smart Communications is now introducing SmartNet Application that allows users to access their facebook and twitter account for FREE. Yes it's all free.

This application currently supports SMART subscribers only. Non-SMART subscribers may visit on the web or for mobile.

To begin with, first you must have SmartNet Application on your phone.
I suggest that you use the WiFi connection to download this app easily.


The logo of SmartNet

Once you open this app for the first time,
you will see that the Chat, Social, Alerts, Services and Settings are in colored gray and there's nothing happens when you tap it. This means that all those items are not yet available.

For those items to work, you need to Sign in first.
Probably, this will be your first sign-in so you need to register.

You must be a SMART subscriber for you to receive the verification SMS that they will send on your SMART SIM to be able to use this service.

Once you logged into your account,
Chat, Social, Alerts, Services and Settings
will now look like this on the picture.

Take a look at the top most bar, the WiFi icon is now replaced by this EDGE icon
I turned off my WiFi connection and I am now using the SMART data network connection (EDGE) so I can demonstrate to you that this app will give you the privilege to access your facebook, twitter and yahoo account for FREE.

How to use SmartNet?

Tap on this area to change the arrangement of the tools on the list.
For example you want the Social to be in the position of Contacts, just drag the item to the location you want.

Tap this Check icon once your done editing the items.

To connect your facebook, twitter and yahoo account,
tap on the Settings icon.

Tap on the social site icon to connect your account.

How to connect to facebook and yahoo chat? 

To connect to facebook chat and/or yahoo chat, tap the thunder icon inside the circle .

As you notice, twitter don't have this thunder icon because twitter don't provide chat on their site.

Once your facebook or twitter chat is connected, the icon will looks like this

To begin using your facebook and twitter,
tap the Social icon.

On your Feeds you have your
Facebook (if you linked it),
Twitter (if you linked it).

just swipe your finger to rightwards or  leftwards to switch the feed from SmartNet, Facebook, or Twitter.
This is how the facebook feeds look like!
This is how Twitter feeds look like!

To create post on your facebook wall, or to tweet on your twitter,
tap these icons.

If you tap the first icon, it automatically directs you to posting area.
You will be directed here.

Tap the facebook icon if you want to post it to your facebook wall, or tap the twitter icon if you want to tweet it to your twitter account, or you can tap both if you want to post it to your facebook and twitter account.

If you don't tap any of the two, or whether you select the facebook or twitter or both, it will automatically post to your SmartNet wall.

If Facebook and Twitter icon are in gray color, it means that it wouldn't be posted to that social network.
If you selected this second icon,
to create post, tap on the Share.


  1. Is this service world wide or to some specific countries?

    please have a look world wide smart home

  2. I guess this service is for Philippines only because the provider of that service which is SMART Telecommunications is based in the Philippines. It is also possible that this service is available for other country as long as you're using SMART SIM card that is working for that country or shall I say it is in roaming.

  3. After i logged in why is it the wifi icon didnt disappear oe change into E icon..

    1. Are you a SMART user? You have to enable your PACKET DATA. See details here on how to enable it,

  4. Is this access free or the charges will be added to d postpaid bill?

    1. are you a SMART postpaid user? I suggest not to use this if you are. Telecommunication postpaid service seems to have a hidden charges.

  5. is this application are also available to talk and text subscribers?..

  6. applicable ba ito sa TNT subscribers?

  7. I haven't tried it yet using Talk and Text.
    To anyone who will make it using TNT, share your experience.

    By the way, I recently discovered that you can still access your facebook and twitter account even if you are not using SmartNET app.
    You can go directly to your facebook and/or twitter app and surf all for free, but still the connection is slow.

    1. i experienced it but i cant seem to find facebook,only smartnet is a tnt user

  8. i do all the instructions i did it correctly but still cant surf pls help =(

    1. Have you seen the EDGE or 'E' or '3G' or 'H' icon at the top bar? If so, that would mean that your data connection is working. Sometimes, the connection is really slow, it can be due to your location or the time you are using this service.

  9. Does using the packet data connection with the "E" icon at the top incur charges? or its still free, since I'm using smart?

    1. The 'E' icon will still appears even if you have a zero balance. But if you have a load or balance on your SIM card, you will be charged by some amount depending on bytes and elapse time you are using your data connection. So don't use your data connection if you have a balance and if you don't want to be charged.

  10. Paano po mag-didisconnect sa Smart Free Net? napansin ko kasi kahit naka uninstall na yung app sakin, nagwowork parin siya.. kaso ayoko na sana siya gamitin kasi sobrang bagal.. pag nag-UnliSurf ba ko mawawala siya?

    1. i-install mo ulit ung app, if naka-login ka pa dun, then sign-out!

  11. active parin ba ngayon ang smartnet free internet? kasi hindi na gumagana yung saakin pls help noh po gagawin ko galaxy y lang gamit koh... thanks

  12. hi po.. after i downloaded the smartnet app.and i was subscribed to unlisurf50.. I used smartnet for some time, but then my intrnet connection has stopped. i have uninstalled the app, but now i cannot connect thru the internet using my other apps/browser (fb, viber, google)

    Please help. thanks

  13. Is this for Smart Prepaid or Postpaid???.

  14. paano po pag pocket data ang gamit at hindi wifi gagana parin ba ito

  15. ngdownload po ako pero ndi xa maregister ayw mgwork

  16. still working pa po sya and super fast =) im using facebook yahoo and twitter as well ,,,

  17. please help! i tried to sign up..after i verifiied, it says again the account is not yet verified even if did already.. what should i do?

  18. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

  19. Bkt po pag wcdma network mode ko Emergency calls only ang bkalagay hindi SMART Buddy


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