Google Map notification message: Please enable a My Location source in system settings.

If you open your Google Map
and you are trying to tap the My Location.

But then, you are seeing this information.
Please enable a My Location source in system settings.

And you don't know where to configure that settings.
It's simple.

Go to your Settings then

tap the Location and security

tap the Use wireless networks

and last, tap the Agree.


if you don't have a WiFi connection,
you can't still see your My Location
and you will see this notification

another option you can use is your GPS
check the Use GPS satellites
Now, go back to the Google Map application to check if it is now working.

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  1. Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!!! you saved me!!! I use it frequently and I was so mad that it didn't work! Merci Beaucoup!!! arigatou gozaimasu !!!!!

  2. Thank you very much, it works now... thank you again...

  3. Thank you.its 100% working.good job


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