Print screen for mobile

Do you want to take a screenshots of your phone's screen?
It's easy using the application Screenshot by Kastor Soft

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take note that Only ROOTED phones are supported.
(this app will works on Samsung Galaxy Pocket)


What does rooted phone mean?

It means gaining full access to your Android’s file system and control it as an administrator. 
Just like on your computer you have administrator account and other accounts with less privileges. Rooting a phone means gaining access to administrator account. The application can do all stuff which requires administrator privileges.

How to use Screenshot by Kastor Soft?

To capture the screen of your phone,
go to this app first.

You have an option to
shake your phone to take a screenshot.

check the box for Show notifications when screenshot is successful
so you know when the capture has been made.

then exit this app in any way and go to the place on your phone where you want to capture.

Shake your phone for 3 seconds.
Normally, 2 to 3 shake is enough (sideways).

You will hear a camera shot sound and you will see that the screen fade inwards once the screen was captured.

If you want to use this option other than shaking your phone,
you can do so by selecting first your desired delay before the shot is made, then click the camera icon.

After you clicked the camera icon, you will be directed to your home screen.

Once the delay time is reached, the application will now capture the present screen on your phone.


 Screenshot by Kastor Soft updates their software so I should give an update to this post.

As you can see on the picture at the left, The icons at the bottom are newly added features of this site.

On this latest version, you can now:

  1. Tap Around - To enabled this option, tap the hand icon at the fist column. Once enabled, you will be directed to the last window you have been other that the app itself. You will then notice a camera with a gear icon at the top left of your screen (See the image below).
    Tapping the camera icon will capture the current screen while tapping the gear icon will redirect you to ScreenShot App settings.

  2. Shake -  To enabled this option, tap the hand holding phone icon at the second column. Once enabled, you can shake your phone as a command to capture the current screen you are in.
  3. Tap Once - To enabled this option, tap the camera icon at the third column. This option is same as the 'Tap Around' except that, once you tap the camera icon, you will be directed to the last window you have been other that the app itself. You need to go back the ScreenShot App settings again to do the same task.

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