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How to organize applications on samsung galaxy phone

To organize the applications on your phone.
First, tap on the application icon

then tap the MENU

tap Edit

After that, you will see that the apps look like these.

As you can see, some applications have this icon at the top right corner.This mean that you can delete that app. However the default applications are those that can't be deleted.

To organize the positions of the applications, tap and hold the app until you felt that the phone vibrate, signaling that you can now move the application at any page/location or position you want.

Movie and .avi Player for Android Phones

The default video player in Android Phones doesn't supports .avi and other Movie file.

To play these on your phone, you need to download new video player.

Here is a good application that supports movie file.

MX Player
by J2 Interactive


I installed this to my Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Version, and based on my experienced with this app, it successfully plays .avi files particulary movie files, and therefore will expect the same way to higher version of Android.

You may find that this app won't work as you open a file. If that happened, tap and hold the title of the movie you want to play until this popup window appears. Then tap Play using...

then tap S/W decoder

Take Note: You need to open your movie file on the app itself, if you open it directly to its directory folder, absolutely the system will say...

Another good feature of this application is that it can play subtitle.
Here is the list of the supported subtitle format.

.txt, .srt, .ssa, .ass, .smi, .sami,…

What does polaris viewer tasks for samsung galaxy and other mobile phones?

Polaris Viewer helps you organize your files according to its type and/or folder.

It is also in-charged to view the file with the types like
without this app, you won't be able to view that kind of files.

Advantage of Polaris Viewer over simple My Files folder

Easy to locate a file.
For example you have a lot files and you are looking for a word file but you don't know what it's name and at what folder you placed it. In Poloris Viewer you can filter the result into 

Word files only
Sheet files only
Slide files only
PDF files only

Adobe Photoshop for Samsung Galaxy and other Android Phones

Adobe Photoshop is now available for android phones.
The name of the app is Adobe Photoshop Express byAdobe Systems

DOWNLOAD Adobe Photoshop Express

But don't expect that this app has same functions as the desktop version.

However, I can say that this app has better editing and retouching features than the Instagram can offer. Here are the editing features of Adobe Photoshop Express!

Another edge of this app is that you can directly post your pictures in facebooktwitter
As a default, only the pictures from your phone memory will show on the list of photos to be edited/uploaded.

How to enable other photos from your SD card?

tap the MENU button of your phone,

tap More

tap Settings

unchecked Show camera photos only in Phone view

Phone Icons At The Top Bar Meaning

Wondering what are the meaning of the icons that show on top of your Samsung Galaxy phone screen?
Here are some of the icons and the meaning / function of each.
BluetoothBluetooth connection is ONArrow Down (color white) - you are receiving file(s)Arrow Down (color gray) - you received file(s) it can be successful or failedArrow Down (combination of white and gray) for gray - you already received a file(s) for white - you are currently receiving a file(s) Sending / Sent file(s): Either successful or failed

Arrow Up (color white) - you are sending a fileArrow Up (color gray) - you have sent file(s) it can be successful or failed Arrow Up - you are sending a file Arrow Up with number - the number indicates the number of files waiting to be sent. EDGE - Enhanced Data rates for GSM Environment You will see this icon once your mobile phone is connecting to internet using your mobile data network.
letter E with color gray up and down arrows - not actively sending and or receiving…

Windows Media Audio, WMA Player for Samsung Galaxy and other Android Phones

The default music player in Samsung Galaxy phones doesn't supports WMA or windows media audio file.

To play wma files on your phone, you need to download new music player. I've searched it on and found a lot of apps that claimed to be 'wma support' but I had a hard time finding the right application that would successfully play wma files.

here is a good app that support wma file
Daroon Player by Daroonsoft
DOWNLOAD this app

Key Features of Daroon Player:

* Support all popular video and audio formats, including AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, WMV, RM, RMVB, ASF, M2TS, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, etc.
* Support HTTP, MMS, RTMP and RTSP/RTP streaming media protocols, including m3u8 (iPhone and iPad online media format)
* Support playing DVD folders from SD card directly with DVD menu navigation
* Support built-in subtitles for MKV, MP4, MOV videos and plug-in srt, ass, sub, saa subtitles
* Support selecting from multiple audio and subtitle tracks
* Support playlist and contin…

Why Samsung Galaxy Pocket surface is overheating?

The surface of your phone will overheat if you are using it for more than an hour or two. But there are instances that when you leave your phone unused, and then hold it afterwards, it felt hot. This is because at that moment your phone was continuously running and draining your battery.

To prevent this to happen again, simply follow the steps on how to conserve your phone battery.

Here are some tips to conserve your Samsung Galaxy Pocket's battery

1. As you noticed, if you are using your Google Maps Application or any other Maps Application, your Android Phone's battery drain so fast. It is because the GPS that makes it possible for your Maps Application to work accurately requires more battery. And even if your Maps Application is not running, once the GPS is ON, the battery still draining more than the normal.

So Turn On your GPS only when needed or when you are using the Maps Application.

2. Unchecked your "Background data" under
Settings - > Accounts and sn…

How to remove/disable camera shutter sound?

Do you want to remove the shutter sound in your android phone camera?

I've done looking at my android phone's camera settings but I didn't found any way to turn it's shutter sound to OFF/MUTE.

However, setting your sound into silent mode will help.

Go to your
Settings -> Sound 

check the box for Silent mode

That's all. Hope it'll help you!

NOTE: Not working on Samsung S4 mini