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How to move samsung galaxy apps on the home screen

There are two options on how you can place your apps on the home screen.

First, on the home screen
tap MENU

tap Add

tap Widget

and Choose the widget or app that you want to place in the home screen.

Second and the easiest way is to go directly to your apps list, tap and hold the app until it vibrates and you will be directed to the home screen, then release it once you placed it to the position you want.

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How to Delete Extra Home Screen on Android Phone?

How to delete home screen page(s)
on Android Jelly Bean Version Go to your home screen

Tap and hold the screen until you feel it vibrates.

You will then see the screen looks like the image on the left.

Then tap/touch the X button at the upper right corner
How to delete home screen page(s)
on Android Gingerbread Version

On the home screen

tap/touch the MENU

tap/touch Edit

tap/touch and hold the page that you want to delete until it vibrates.

For example I am going to remove the blank page.

Hold that page down to the Remove area and you will see that this page turns red as it is approaching.

Opera Mini for Samsung Galaxy and other Android Phones

Opera Mini is one of the best browsers you can have on your android phone.

Nice Look
Ease of Access
and lot of Good Features.
 BookmarksHistorySaved Pages Find in PageMultiple Tabs (Almost unlimited, I haven't reached its limit)

Opera Mini web browser
by Opera Software ASA


Here are the screenshots from these application. 

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How can I put a password on my text messages?

To enable password protection on your text messages, you need to installed an application that will do that task.

Here is one of those applications.
Application Protection by ruimaninfo

DOWNLOAD Application Protection

How to use this app?

This is how it looks once you open the app.

Let's begin with the settings

Check the Enable Protection box

Set your email address, so when you forgot your password, they will send you the code.

Set the Unlock Code

check the Auto Unlock box if you want to save effort to press the unlock button when your input match the unlock code.

Unlock Code Reminding helps you give a hint if ever you forgot your password. Simply add a word or a sentence that will help you remember the password you gave.

On the Keep Unlock Status, you have an option if you want it to
Lock Every Time
Keep Unlock Code or
Unlock Once For All

You can also use the Pattern for your password.

Now, lets go back to the main menu of this app.

And tap the Add button to start adding the messaging …

How to secretly hide files and folders on your Android Phone?

I am using this  File Hide Pro by Emily Smith.
If you installed this app, you will see that it's name is Tip Calc which for me is a good way to fool anyone because they wouldn't know that you are hiding something on your phone because they couldn't see that you are having a file-hiding-app.

DOWNLOAD File Hide Pro

If you open this app, it will function as a simple Tip calculator.
To operate it as a file hider app, tap and hold the Tip Calculator text at the top until it switches to the different look.

This is how it looks after you tap and hold the Tip Calculator text.
To hide files or/and folders, tap the blue folder icon at the top right, then you will see the list of files and folders in your phone

Here is the list of the folders on my phone.

If you want to hide the whole folder, tap the green plus icon on its right side.

If you want to hide specific file, tap on the folder where it is included until you locate the file you want to hide, then tap the green plus icon on it…

Enable/Disable Background data in Samsung Galaxy Pocket

How to enable/disable BACKGROUND DATA in Samsung Galaxy Pocket?

First go to your SETTINGS

Tap Accounts and sync

then checked/unchecked the Background data

Facebook App for your Samsung Galaxy Pocket


by Facebook
September 2, 2014

Facebook is the number one social media and most commonly visited website as of this moment.

Using facebook on a mobile browser is a crap, that's why you have to switch on their mobile app.  Definitely it will saves a lot of data usage which is very important if you are only using and subscribed to a data package.

Keep your facebook app up to date to enjoy the new and/or modified features, because for sure they aren't stop on developing this app to make it easier for you to use.