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Twitter app for your phone

by Twitter, Inc.


This twitter application allows multiple accounts to be saved and then use at a time (which makes it easier for those who have multiple twitter accounts).

How to sign in your account?

 Signing in your account is same as adding your account in the list.

To sign in or add an account.

tap the Menu --> Settings

then tap the Add account

To select an account to be use

tap the Menu --> Accounts

then tap the account you want to use.

How to Signout your account?

Signing out your account is same as deleting your account in the list.

To sign out or delete the account

tap the Menu --> Settings

then tap the account you want to delete.

Scroll down and tap the Remove account

then tap OK

 To manage the notifications you're about to receive
tap the Menu --> Settings
then select the account that you want to manage.

You must check first the Sync data

then adjust this Notification indicators area

Free Calls and Texts for Android Phones

There are lot's of mobile applications that provide free calls and texts services now.
One and the most downloaded app is

Viber : Free Calls & Messages
by Viber Media Inc.


Viber allows you to call, text, and send photos worldwide for free. Viber is also available iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and many more devices and platforms. Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely.

Free calls with HD sound qualityFree text and photo messaging Ad free100% free
For this to work, you must have internet connection.
You can't send and/or receive text/call when you are not connected.
Moreover, you can only send text messages and/or make a call to your contacts that  are also using viber applications.

How to make your Samsung Phone works faster?

The first question would be, why does my samsung phone got more log or behave so slow than before?
Your phone will get slower the more you installed applications on it.
It is like your desktop or laptop computer that when it is new or recently formatted, it is faster than the one that got a lot of software installed on it.

Reformatting your samsung phone would definitly not a good idea.
Instead, you can remove some applications that won't matter to you anymore.

You can also delete some files on your internal and external SD Card.
But these have a small effect on how to achieve a log free mobile phone.
Removing some installed applications will really do the help.

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