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How to Add / Use letter Ñ ñ on your Samsung Phone?

Using or adding the upper or lower case letter Ñ ñ on your text messages can be a maze specially if you don't know where to find it.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Select input mmethod
DioPen Chinese IME don't supports these characters. You can chose from Samsung keypad and Swype.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket QWERTY Keypad
Using Samsung keypad

 If you're in the Samsung keypad input mode, make sure that the type of your keypad is in QWERTY Keypad.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket input type setting If not, follow this step to switch to QWERTY Keypad
tap the gear icon then select  QWERTY Keypad

Once you're in the Samsung QWERTY Keypad or Swype Keypad, press and hold the letter N/n until the popup option show.

Screen Capture for Samsung QWERTY Keypad

Samsung QWERTY Keypad for big letter Ñ Samsung QWERTY Keypad for small letter ñ

Screen Capture for Swype Keypad

Swype Keypad for big letter Ñ Swype Keypad for small letter ñ


  1. i am happy i found this information but it did not work out for me so i tried to check my settings again and again until i found out the right setting.i am making a lens in squidoo that will add to the setting that you showed us.please allow me to use this information of yours.

  2. i think it is good and i like it ery much


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