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Find the Difference Game

Find the Difference
 by Wini Games

DOWNLOAD Find the Difference

Our old favorite news paper game is now out in a mobile game version.

The concept of the game is same with the news paper version.
All you have to do is to spot the difference between the two pictures.
Find the Difference is a great puzzle game to test your observation.
This would exercise your brain while your playing.

• High quality images
• Lots of classic levels
• Hint System
• Share on Social Networks

How to Play
You are provided with 2 pictures pair.
The picture pair will appear to be much similar to each other but they aren’t they are hidden.
You gotta exercise your search and observation and spot the difference between the pair.
Just tap on the point where you observe the difference. If you tap at the wrong position then your time would be reduced.
To set high scores, finish the levels faster.
If you are stuck then use a maximum of 3 hints by pressing the magnifier.
Score more and win big on the boa…

Dictionary on your mobile phone

If someone told you that you are a walking dictionary, it only means that you're a genius person.
Well, you don't need to be a genius to know most of the meaning of each word that you're encountering.
With an smartphone on your hand, you can now search the meaning of the word with just a simple searching on your handy dictionary.

One of the earliest dictionary we have is Merriam Dictionary.
They conquer the internet when they've launched their website Merriam-Webmaster.
Now, you can download a version of it that is applicable to your mobile phone.

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster
 by Merriam-Webster Inc.

DOWNLOAD Dictionary - Merriam-Webster

* Synonyms & Antonyms
* Voice Search
* Example Sentences
* Audio Pronunciations
* Word of the Day
* Favorites - lets you keep a list of words that are particularly interesting to you
* For Tablets: Scrolling Index - lets you browse the entire dictionary
* For Phones: Reader View - lets you hide navigation buttons to see text in f…

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages
by LINE Corporation


Another Free Calls & Messages app that is now gaining its popularity next to Viber, KakaoTalk, WeChat is LINE.
They are introducing their brand through TV Commercials like what WeChat is currently doing now.
What makes this app differ from other same function app is that it has a lot of stickers.
Line Stickers are more than emoticons that you can use to help you show what you really feels.
Their stickers are now available in the market in a form of a hug-able dolls, key chains and other type of toys.

Sticker dolls version

Panorama in Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Who would have thought that there is already a built in panorama in Samsung Galaxy Pocket? Panorama became popular since iPhone released their version of it. Surprisingly, we don't need to buy those costly phone or download an app just to take a picture in a panorama mode. Samsung Galaxy Pocket is almost same with Samsung Galaxy Young, so as expected, this panorama mode in galaxy pocket is also available in galaxy young.

To set your Camera mode into PANORAMA
Simply go to your camera app
Check this top left corner and see it's current setting

This rectangular shape indicates that we're in a SINGLE SHOT mode, tap this and select the Panorama

Noticed that the rectangle white box at the top left is now replaced by a two mountain like shaped. We are in the Panorama Mode.

To start creating a Panorama picture, tap the camera at the middle right side. Move your came in either sides you want. It can be to the right, to the left, move it upward or downward.

As you can see, there is …

4 Pics 1 Word for Samsung Galaxy Pocket

4 Pics 1 Word
by: LOTUM GmbH

DOWNLOAD  4 Pics 1 Word

 4 Pics 1 Word is a popular mind game at the beginning of this year 2013. 
The concept of the game is to guess the word with a hint from the 
4 pictures shown that have something in common the number of box that tells how many letters that this word is composed ofand a rumbled of letters.

No registration, no complicated rules. Just start playing and have fun!

If you're in trouble in guessing the word, you can post the picture in your facebook wall and ask for help with your circle of friends.

If you don't want to ask help from your friends, you can download the cheat here

4 Pics 1 Word Cheats & Answersby: Kafkas Mobile

Chikka Text Messanger: Absolutely free Text Message Application

Chikka Text Messenger
by Chikka Philippines

 DOWNLOAD Chikka Text Messenger

This mobile application allows you to send text messages from anywhere in the world to any mobile carrier in the philippines all for free. The advantages of this app from other same mobile application like Viber, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk and other is that
You can send text messages even if the receipient of that message don't have chikka application installed on his mobile. The receipient don't need to be connected in a Wifi or data connection.The message can be receive on their phone as a normal text message without charging them.The message can be received  even if the recipient have zero balance on their prepaid or postpaid SIM card.
There is a credit given per pay and per receiver.The total number of messages that you can send per receiver per day is only 8 messages. You can send another 8 messages for the same receiver and the same day as long as the receipient of the message reply to you…

How to change the orders of your home pages?

Have you experienced that your home pages shifted? This thing happened to me recently that's why I find out a reason why it changed without my knowledge and how can I bring it back to it's original position. If we haven't set the screen lock option, the tendency is that we unknowingly made an action that can change some of the default settings we have on our phone.

To bring back the orders of your home pages,
tap the menu key

Tap Edit.

Hold the page that you want to move,
wait until you felt that your phone vibrate

and drag it now to your desired position.