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Protecting your eyes while using your mobile phone

Most of us have sensitive eyes when they are hit by a strong source of lights.
You may feel a little ache and sometimes the head starts to ache too.
To prevent this instance happens while you are using your phone, you should adjust
its brightness level depending on the lightning you have on your surroundings.

In daylight, setting the brightness level of your phone screen to the lowest level will
give you a blind visions on your phone. At this time, the brightness level of the screen
must be 80-100%.

In mid-light surrounding like you are inside a house where there is a little light coming from the outside, you can set the brightness level to 30-50%.

At night or where the place where there is no source of light but your phone, make sure to set the brightness level at its minimum or 0%. For me, zero percent of brightness setting on my phone during this time still brights for me. If only I could adjust it to -10% I will do so but this feature is not available on my phone.

To easily adjust…

Globe FREE Facebook Access - How to?

Globe Telecom is giving a treat to their subscribers beginning this month of October up to January 25, 2014
They are offering a free access to Facebook via or directly with the Facebook Application.

To begin accessing this promo
Dial *143# and choose FREE FB
Access Facebook anytime, anywhere. No WiFi needed
Access via or the official Facebook mobile app
Open to smartphones and internet-capable phones
No nakaw-load
This promo is not available on BlackBerry, Opera Mini and Nokia browsers For Globe and TM subscribers onlyFor subscribers in Philippines only For more information you may text FREE FB HELP to 8888

For some reason, you may experience that Globe free FB access seems not working. If this thing is happened, you can try to turn off your phone then turn it on again after some seconds. This will help to reconnect your data network and gives you a strong signal.