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Download Flappy Bird

Download Flappy Bird
by  .GEARS Studios

The new crazy game for the first quarter of 2014 is in. This Mobile game is not as complicated as Plants Vs. Zombies or Candy Crush but for sure you'll get addicted at the very first try. One proof that this game invade the town is that you will see some of your friends posting their flappy scores at their facebook wall.

How to install? 1. Download Flappy Bird

If you download it using computer/laptop: 
2. Transfer the downloaded file from computer to your phone.
    You can transfer it using Bluetooth or using USB connector.

If you download it using you phone
2. Go to step 3
3. Open the file.
If you see this message:

then tap/touch the Settings
and you will be directed to

check the box for Unknown sources

then back to the downloaded file and open it again.

4. The installation is now processing. Wait until done.
5. You can now play the game.

The goal of this game is to avoid the pipes by flying in between the space. The only moves that you…

Problem in Detecting USB from Mobile to PC

As you plug the USB port from mobile-to-pc, the computer will automatically detect it.

To verify that your mobile is connected to the computer, you must see the USB icon at the top bar of your mobile.
Slide your finger from that top bar and you will see

'USB connected Phone connected to computer via USB. Tap the button below to copy files between computer and Android's USB storage'

Tapping the 'Connect USB storage' will now allow transfer files between your phone and computer.

But if you experience a problem in detecting the USB, the icon will not show up at the top bar.
All you have to do is:
Keep the USB port connected to your mobile phone and the computerTurn OFF your mobile Trun it ON again As your mobile power up, you will now see the USB icon. if the above instruction doesn't work:
 Unplug the USB port on PC endPlug it to the other USB port (PC)