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Do you have any questions regarding your Samsung Galaxy Pocket?
Feel free to ask it here.

I'll response as soon as I read your questions and got an answer for it.

You can leave your email address or any form where I can contact you so I can update you as soon as I have an answer for your concern.

Leave a comment for your queries.


  1. how to know the battery is fully charged GALAXY PocketGT-S5300?

    1. When the battery is fully charged, you will see a 100% into the battery icon at the top left of the screen.

      see the image.

  2. Is it possible to multi-download on my galaxy pocket?

    1. If you're referring to download using the app market or google play store, yes it is possible to multi-download.

  3. how enable shutter sound of camera Galaxy 5300?

  4. Hi.. Please Is it possible to remove the notification bar shortcut for wireless hotspot when its turned ON, my email-

  5. The question i want to ask is not only related to samsung galaxy pocket but all android phones but since i have a samsung galaxy pocket so,
    When i download games like gta3 it tells me to download additional files over the internet,is it necessary to download them on the mobile and no other way for example downloading additional files on computer?

    1. Why not download it directly? If you trusted the app then download the additional files. You must download them for the app to work properly. Additional info, if you see this image along with a tag line 'TOP DEVELOPER' on the page where you download that app, I can say you can trust that app. I've searched gta3 on and I've seen that seal.

      for your second question,
      If you download the app at, I can't see way to download and save them to computer.

  6. how to put a picture in sms if u have recieve a msg..

  7. Blue circle with line through it from top left to bottom right

    1. That's indicate that you don't have a network signal.

      See my post here

  8. is it possible to download games/apps in the internet for samsung pocket???

    1. what do you mean 'internet'? Are you referring to desktop computers or laptop? The easiest way to download games and apps is to use the google play store.

  9. How can make secreenshot on galaxy poket

    1. Followed this link

  10. Hi, I have an R just above my signal strength bar. What does this mean?

  11. how to hidden contact in we chat?

    1. I looked around in weChat app but I haven't seen an option that can hide a contact.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. i forgot my gmail password henc ecannot open my screen windoe.
    please help

  14. please help I cant view or send text messages on my Samsunng Galaxy pocket. When I tap on the message icon it shows a pop up that says "messaging stopped",

    1. try to reformat you phone.
      Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Factory data reset

  15. Dear Sir,
    I have Drawn my patters several times with a wrong direction and it asks for my g mail account but i don't have any connections to sign in except on my pc, please help me .
    my e mail is or

  16. I have an icon of a cell phone with a clock on it in my top left-hand corner. What does that mean?

  17. How can I tell if apps or programs have been installed on my phone by my boyfriend to spy on me? Thanks

    1. Get the name of the app then search it on google play store or any app store. From then you can read what functions does that application is able to do

  18. How can I send text message. When ever I type any message it automatically converts into mms.

  19. how do i lock my masseges on my sumsung galaxy trend

  20. My brand new Galaxy Tab3 has problems with internet multiple times a day. When checking email, or using a website via internet, the tabs will become unresponsive. I have noticed that the up-arrow in the wifi indicator at the top right hand corner of the Tab3 is grey, and not green like it should be. I have only had the device for 3 weeks. The issue started out as an occasional thing, then once a day, and now it happens many times throughout the day.

  21. I too,have a i at the left top of my icon bar it is in circle and it is crossed with diagonal line \. Can anyone help and tell me what this means

  22. I have two arrows in a circular motion on the top of screen what does it mean?


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